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trailer light testing

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The Problem - Trailer Lights will Fail

The Solution - Light Check
Trailer lights and wiring are exposed to rain, snow, salt, dirt, mud, submersion in water and bouncing around on rough roads and pot holes causing chaffing, corrosion and broken bulbs and wires. The connectors and bulb sockets (usually brass) are particularly prone to corrosion.

Trailer lights must be tested often to maintain proper operation for safety and legal and regulatory compliance. Testing trailer lights normally requires a towing vehicle connected to the trailer then walking back and forth from the vehicle to the back of the trailer to verify that all the trailer lights function properly - left signal, right signal, brake lights, tail and clearance lights. A second person could be in the vehicle to operate the lights. But that is double time consuming and very expensive for a business with a fleet of trailers.

Because of the hassle, time and expense, most people don’t test their trailer lights in advance. Instead, they wait until they are hooked up and ready to go, do a quick walk around to check the trailer lights and realize they have a problem. But everyone is ready and anxious to go, so off they go traveling illegally and not safely. This could result in traffic citations and possibly a much more expensive traffic accident.

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Electric Brake Testing

Light Check is a self-contained, portable device that connects to the wiring connector of a trailer. It includes a 12-volt internal rechargeable battery, electronic diagnostics for light circuit analysis, ground wire and battery charger.

Light Check connected to trailer wiring
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Simply connect Light Check to your trailer wiring, turn on the power and press the Select button for Cycle. Light Check will continue cycling through each of the trailer light circuits in 5 second intervals allowing one person to easily check the signal lights, brake lights, tail and clearance lights without a towing vehicle or second person to assist.

Use the Select button to operate any individual circuit continuously for troubleshooting or repair.

Internal electronic diagnostics tests for over currents (short circuits) and low currents (open circuits). If a problem is detected, LED fault lights indicate the type and source of the fault.

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