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Trailer Lights Will Eventually Fail!

Avoid legal and regulatory citations and fines. Save time and money by testing your trailer lights with Light Check.

The Quick Check for Trailer Lights

Trailer Light Check


The founder of Wolf Technologies, LLC, an outdoor enthusiast, has owned a boat and camper for many years. Trailer lights have a high failure rate and require frequent testing. Mr. Wolf was frustrated with the time, hassle and expense of testing trailer lights the normal way of needing a towing vehicle to connect to the trailer light wiring. Mr. Wolf first attempted to purchase a simple device that could be used to test trailer lights without a towing vehicle. After searching retailers and the Internet, the only such devices found were very expensive ones designed more for commercial trailers. Mr. Wolf built his own device to test trailer lights with components purchased at an electronics retailer. He rapidly realized the value and market potential of such a device and, with the assistance of an electronic engineering company, developed Light Check.


ILight Check Champion Award


Idea Champion Award

Out of almost 100 entries in the Innovate ND competition, Light Check was selected as one of 5 winners. The finalists completed an extensive written business plan and made oral presentations in front of a panel of judges. Winners were judged on five criteria: Innovation, commercial viability, investment opportunity, entrepreneur team, and quality of presentation.

Light Check wins InnovateND Award
Mr Wolf of Wolf Technologies, LLC receiving the Idea
Champion Award from North Dakota Governor John Hoven


Light Check Award


Newpreneur Contest finals.

Wolf Technologies and Light Check received an award as a national finalist in 2009 Newpreneur Contest. A great finish from 900 initial applicants.

Light Check receiving Newpreneur Regional Award
Mr Wolf receiving award for Chicago
region Newpreneur Contest
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